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We provide valuable support to vulnerable young people and do not receive funding from local or national government, all our support comes from donations, fundraising and grants.

The team are currently working above and beyond to keep group sizes to a minimum, whilst complying with government guidelines, however session numbers are at record highs, the support we receive from Warburtons and Greggs with food is invaluable to our cause but more help is needed.

Please help us to continue by caring for us so we can continue caring for them!


We’Re OpEn

BBGC is opening during the day to help with NON ESSENTIAL WORKERS Children We have 20 places available on a first come first serve basis

Commencing Monday 23rd March from 9am – 5pm Lunch and snacks provided and a donation of £10 to help and support running costs.

To book please email info@bbgc.org.uk call Nathan or Katie on 01282 424038 message us on FB

Young People’s Support

Due to the recent closure of the Papyrus Helpline – a lifeline service for young people – we are stepping up our “here to talk” service via our social media platforms and website BBGC SUPPORTING YOUNG PEOPLE TODAY @BBGC_Charity @BurnleyboysG  http://www.BBGC.org.uk There are other agencies available; Childline 0800 1111 Shout (Text Line) 85258 or 111

Eco Warriors

One of our recent projects hits the press!


Give a Home

As part of our helping the young homeless of Burnley, BBGC is embarking on a new project to purchase a house for the use of young people from the area who have found themselves homeless but a currently in a transitional period of their lives, most commonly between the ages of 16-21 years when some support services no longer class them as child and other do not yet class them as an adult.

This period of time is never easy for any young person, you want to be able to take control of your own life but are still held back, is this fair? Unfortunately there is not time for us to discuss this topic as things need to change now, and with our Give-a-Home campaign hopefully we will be able to do just that.

Property in our local area can go for as little as £20 – £30k for a two up two down, the modernisation and works then needed to allow the property to be fit for multiple occupancy can then begin and very quickly and for a lot less then a person would be a drain on other government and non government services we can not only secure them a place to live but a place to call home.

Why not help us today and place a bid?


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