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Help us raise funds to refurbishing our existing toilet facilities, the club has gone through drastic changes over the last 18 months, the place is now a place of safety and comfort for all our 372 members aged between 5 – 19 years, one of the areas the members have been asking for is new toilet facilities s they are outdated, old fashioned and not very serviceable, help them spend a penny by dontaing all your old change.

Spend a Penny Appeal


BBGC 2020


We are so excited about the new year here at @BBGC1 with lots of new and exciting things to do…..

January sees lots of new events here at BBGC with the addition of Rugby Union to our list of sporting activities, this is the first time in over 120 years that Rugby Union has been coached at the club and word on the street is “this is fantastic” if you would like to join up and want more information please call in, email or message one of the team will gladly help you.

Secondly we see the new era of Archery at the club, again BBGC is the only youth organisation offering Archery to it’s members and we are working very closely with Archery GB to help and support our young members, one of the programmes we are looking at is a corporate knockout bnetween Team BBGC and your organisation, for more information please email

2020 also see our new “Pitch Perfect Youth Choir” that will compete against other clubs throughout the organisation of Nation Associations and International Association this along with our Dance Crews is set to be an empowering time for our members.

If you would like any information about the new activities then please contact us in the normal way.

BBGC members voted N0 1

Junior Member of the year and Senior Member of the year by LABGC throughout all the  other youth organisations, despite 16 months ago the future of the organisation looking very rocky the organisation has gone from strength to strength, the membership has quadrupled and the strategy for the next three years is to create #lancashiresoldestyouthcharity and #lancashiresnumberoneforyouth How are we going to achieve this, with your help and support, working very closely with local schools, colleges and business to deliver a one stop shop for all the community, “big numbers move big mountains” 

Both members are over the moon with their awards and have both seen tough times over the last 12 months but have conquered and achieved masses with the help and support from the BBGC team. 

BBGC winners
BBGC members voted number 1 in Lancashire


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