Lancashire’s first Covid-19 free news radio station supporting young people and their families during #lockdown2020.

BBGC is Lancashire’s oldest youth charity boasting 121 years of helping young people across Burnley however, during more recent times and the current pandemic situation all the facilities and befriending services have moved online, this has given the organisation not only a national but international audience, helping and supporting people.

The idea for BBGCRadio came from Graham Vernon the centre manager for BBGC who said “knowing that the majority of young people we have been in contact with were just turned in to their Xbox’s and didn’t really want any other engagement, it would have been far too expensive to create a games console but there are lots of free DJ apps available, so BBGC Radio was born and although it is still very early days we receiving over 120 listeners within the first 24 hours of going live on Friday 22nd May 2020.

Requests are now being taken via email at radio@bbgc.org.uk and the hope is that several young people have already started practicing to go live as soon as they can.

For more details or just to listen in go to www.bbgc.org.uk scroll down the home page to the BBGC Radio player.

If you would like to support this service or any other offering BBGC have at the moment or just need someone to reach out to the Google #bbgcsmile or bbgc_charity.

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