Bereavement and Befriending

BBGC is more than just a youth club or a child minding service it is a family centred centre and a safe place for each and every family unit to be supported in any way we can.

Our services include;

FOOD HUB we have weekly collections available for anyone who needs a little help, all our provisions are partnered with BURNLEY TOGETHER who support anyone living in and around Burnley. For more details or to get support please click on the link or call BBGC 01282424038

A problem shared is a problem halved

BEFRIENDING SERVICES for anyone who just feels that they are not coping at the moment and just need to share.

We pride ourselves in looking after everyone who reached out to us, you have made the first step by looking at our website and whether you need support now or in the future, in the word of a great group of people!

I’ll be there for you

Part of the befriending service is also our children and young persons bereavement support, sometimes during times of grief we forget that the children in our lives have also suffered loss but loss does not just mean losing a family member it could be a pet, someone famous or even just falling out and losing your best friend, to a young person it all feels the same and produced the same chemical reaction in our brains. Loss faces us all at some time and as a young person the last person you may want to talk to is the person closest especially if you do not think . . . . .

They just don’t understand me!

What ever you may need please feel free to message us, ring or text and we will contact you back at a time that suits you, alternatively we are open Monday to Friday 9am - 7pm please call in and see us.

Graham and the team.

We always need help and support in anyway you can. Call us today to donate to help.

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