Nathan is the Senior Youth Worker and is responsible for all the youth sessions, and heads up the sports team, Nathan is always ready to help and support in anyway he can as a past member of the Boys and Girls Club he knows exactly what it is like and what the young members need.

Katie is our female youth lead and is responsible for direct help and support to all the female members, she also leads on all art based activities, although she is very partial to a game of volleyball, but beware as she does not take to cheaters!

John leads on all Birthday parties and venue hire activities, he also runs the tuck shop during all open sessions to make sure that the members do not get too much sugar! Greggs supports us with goodies and John also makes sure that everyone gets their share.

Terri overseas all the security aspects of BBGC including manning the 24 CCTV cameras, Terri loves all the work BBGC caries out and is especially dedicated to projects including supporting members mental health and developing our food, nappy and sanitary bank.

All our youth led projects are managed by our current ambassadors who are all members that have gone an extra mile to help and support BBGC or the local community


Graham heads up the team as Centre Manager and Chief Officer of the Charity, Graham has a wealth of experience within the third sector, business and especially safeguarding having worked and being instrumental in the development of safeguarding legislation for over 25 years, Graham has taken the organisation from strength to strength and has brought so many new sides to the organisation that we are now supported by not only local but international industries.  

We always need help and support in anyway you can. Call us today to donate to help.

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