BBGC or one of the other names we have previously gone by including the original name of Burnley Lads Club, then became Burnley Boys Club and then with the ammalgamation of Burley's police Cadets became Burnley Boys and Girls club, despite the club now being made up of 51% female members so I suppose we should be called Burnley Girls and Boys Club, or so as not to offend BBGC which if you say it fast enough it does sound like BGBC.

The Club founder Henry Riley of Briercliffe Burnley, got several young lads together in early 1898 - to give them a focus and a purpose - these lads probably, were normally up to no good and needed a little guidance, this very quickly grew and in fact by the time the great war broke our in 1914 , the club had six hundred members, who all registered to fight for King and country.

We know that 125 young members stood by then Captain Riley's side on the first day at the battle of the Somme, all 125 plus Riley himself fell and were never to return back to Burnley again.

We commemorate the fallen with our First and Second world war memorial and roll of honours that can be found in the entrance to the youth club along with our wooden tree sculpture of the last soldier standing that stands in our memorial garden at the rear of Riley's.

Please feel free to have a look at all our memorials to commemorate all who fell as it is something we are very proud of and want to share.

Burnley Boys 1st world war memorial
Burnley Boys 2nd world war memorial

We always need help and support in anyway you can. Call us today to donate to help.

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