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Like more businesses and organisations, BBGC Charity was hit hard during the pandemic. Although we had to stop our youth sessions, we kept in touch with our members via zoom calls and messages through to our social media. It was a hard time for us all, however, we got through it and by the end of lockdown, we were prepared for anything!

While we couldn’t open sessions, we did help our local council and became a testing centre. Our staff were trained by the military to perform Covid tests with patients that came through our building twice a week. The demand got even higher, and our staff were then sent out to other busier testing sites for additional support.

Due to the location of our club, we encouraged members of the local community to get tested. The ethnic minority who were worried about the stories they had heard about testing and vaccinations came forward and did what they had to, to support their neighbours.

Since all restrictions came to an end, we continued to support the BAME community in our local area, inviting women to our centre to create their own group and encourage them to get fit and healthy together. Not only that we have worked along side CVS to put on ESOL classes for refugees who need support learning basic English.

Our support is never ending. We will never give up on our members or out community!

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