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As part of our new food academy for young people to learn on the job training within the hospitality industry BBGC launches Burnley “Riley’s” our eatery and function venue and our Whalley based Coffee Shop, Ebernezers.

Both projects are to help young people get the right support whilst learning in a real customer facing role, the idea came about when one of the members had a part time job at a local restaurant and could not handle the way in which people spoke to each other or actually how she was spoken to, coming from a chaotic background the environment just reminded her of the toxic environment she ran away from and struggled for years with, the club has always been a safe space for everyone, so why not use the environment to then give the young people the real life skills of employability and work, although it is very early days the feedback from the members along with the comments from the general public have been amazing, and true to form BBGC finds another solution to a problem that has affected 100’s of young people gaining employment wit just that little support and friendly smile.

Part of the success has also landed BBGC with a 2023 Recommended award for food experts “The Food Guru” another lovely nod to the great work we do yet never get an opportunity to shout about, only because we are so busy!

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